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Birkenstock History

As one of the longest running footwear companies in the World, Birkenstock (Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & Co. ) trace their roots back to Johann Adam Birkenstock who was registered as a shoemaker in the Langerberg local church archives in Germany way back in 1774.

Today the company umbrellas six brands; Alpro, Betula, Birkis, Birkenstock, Footprints and Papillo. Birkenstock specifically manufacture orthotic footwear and insoles which naturally mould to the feet of the person wearing them to give fantastic comfort and support.

In 1998 shortly after opening their latest German Warehouse in Asbach Birkenstock moved their headquarters from Bad Honnef to Vettelschoß, Germany, and implemented a new computer controlled processing system which allowed them to process, ship and receive 80,000 pairs of shoes a day!

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