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Vibram Fivefinger, you will either love them or hate them!

This exciting design from Vibram (the company that brought us the ultra durable rubber sole used in most branded footwear today) has been designed from the ground up to be dynamic and provide excellent performance in all terrain and sports. Invented in 1999 by Robert Fliri, and added to the Vibram range in 2005. Do not let its simplistic design fool you, Fivefingers offer all the protection of a shoe with the feel of walking barefoot! They are flexible and discreet and easy to transport - be it on-foot or on your foot.

Featuring a breathable but quick drying upper made from a thin abrasion resistant stretch polyamide and stretch mesh that wraps your entire foot. All outsoles are non-marking trek performance soles razor-siped for exceptional grip. Originally designed to help yacht racers maintain grip on slippery decks, the Vibram FiveFingers range has fast become a recognizable sport, trekking and travelling shoe.

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