Grubs Technology Glossary
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Grubs Technology

Welcome to the heart of Grubs Footwear's innovation.

Every step you take is backed by groundbreaking technologies designed to offer unmatched comfort, durability, and protection. From soles engineered to conquer any terrain to linings crafted to keep your feet fresh, Grub's dedication to excellence and innovation sets them apart.

Dive in to understand the meticulous engineering behind every Grubs product, and discover why their footwear is a step above the rest.

COMFORT+™ LINING click to view

Breathability and durability in one lining.

The COMFORT+™ LINING is not just another layer inside your boot. It is a revolution in foot comfort. This lining is not only breathable but also has properties that wick moisture away, ensuring that the foot remains dry and comfortable. Moreover, it's resistant to fungus and rot, guaranteeing that your boots remain fresh, no matter the conditions outside.

GRAVITY+™ OUTSOLE click to view

Unparalleled grip and shock absorption.

The GRAVITY+™ OUTSOLE is the game-changer in foot traction. Designed meticulously, this outsole features the ENERGY ZONE™ heel and METPAD™ ball, which jointly work to absorb shocks and improve grip. This means whether you're on a slippery trail or rocky terrain, your steps remain secure and shock-free. Say hello to safer, more comfortable treks!

GRAVITY+™ SOLE click to view

Redefining resistance in footwear.

Imagine a sole that isn't just about support, but also about resilience. The GRAVITY+™ SOLE brings together a fusion of strength and comfort. It is meticulously designed to resist acid and oil, ensuring longevity. But that's not all; it absorbs shock and minimizes strain, ensuring every step feels right. Meet the future of footwear technology.

HARD TOE™ TECHNOLOGY click to view

Protection that stands up to challenges.

Feet are vital, and HARD TOE™ TECHNOLOGY ensures they remain protected. Utilizing layers of epoxy impregnated material, this technology ensures the toe region of the boot is fortified. This gives the boots a protective toe that rivals even high-end mountaineering footwear. Whether it's unforeseen impacts or daily wear and tear, HARD TOE™ has got you covered.

HEXZORB click to view

Absorbs shock, ensuring comfort.

HEXZORB technology provides effective shock absorption, minimizing strain during intensive activities. Perfect for those demanding treks or even just everyday wear, it ensures feet remain comfortable and strain-free.

INSU-FOAM ULTRA click to view

Ultimate insulation for warmth.

INSU-FOAM ULTRA technology delivers superior insulation, ensuring feet remain warm in cold conditions. It offers a unique blend of thermal resistance, guaranteeing comfort during those chilly outdoor adventures.

NITROCELL click to view

Enhanced footbed cushioning.

NITROCELL technology introduces an improved footbed experience, featuring enhanced cushioning for day-long comfort. It's like walking on air with each step, making your outdoor journeys even more enjoyable.

POLYOU click to view

Foot hygiene and odor control.

Foot hygiene is essential, and POLYOU technology ensures just that. With odor control features, it guarantees feet remain fresh during extensive use. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and hello to freshness with POLYOU.

SUPERDRI™ lining click to view

Stay dry, fresh, and fungus-free.

Sweaty feet can be a breeding ground for bacteria, but not with SUPERDRI™ lining. This unique lining is designed to wick moisture away from your foot, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience. Furthermore, it's fungus and rot-proof, ensuring that odors and dampness become things of the past. Stay confident, stay fresh with SUPERDRI™.

SUPERLITE click to view

Lightweight without compromising strength.

SUPERLITE technology ensures that footwear remains incredibly lightweight while still offering unparalleled durability. It's the perfect balance for those seeking comfort and robustness in their outdoor adventures.

TRAIL-GRIP click to view

Stability and grip on trails.

With TRAIL-GRIP technology, you can be sure of your every step even on the trickiest of terrains. It offers superior grip and stability, ensuring your treks are both enjoyable and safe.

TRAX DURAPRENE click to view

Durable and flexible performance.

TRAX DURAPRENE is the perfect combination of flexibility and durability. This tech ensures footwear can withstand the harshest conditions while still allowing for a comfortable and flexible wear experience.

TRAK™ OUTSOLE click to view

Unyielding traction in challenging terrains.

The TRAK™ OUTSOLE is a testament to innovative design, offering powerful traction on soft grounds. It comes with a prominent heel designed explicitly for downhill braking. So, whether you're navigating muddy trails or descending steep hills, TRAK™ ensures you have the grip and support you need.


Superior underfoot support.

UNDERFOOT CHASSIS is designed to provide the utmost support to the foot's arch, ensuring prolonged comfort and reducing foot fatigue. No matter the journey, every step feels supported.

VIBRAM BRISTOL click to view

World-class grip and durability.

VIBRAM BRISTOL offers top-tier traction and endurance. It is a testament to world-class footwear technology, promising an unparalleled grip on various terrains and ensuring that the footwear stands the test of time.