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Hunter begins way back in 1856 when an American, Mr Henry Lee Norris from New Jersey and his friend Spencer Thomas Parmelee from Conneticut arrived in Scotland with a patent from Charles Goodyear to make rubberised outer shoes and boots. After landing in Glasgow they quickly found a factory lease, the Castle Mill in Edingburgh. It had already been partially occupied meaning by the summer of 1856 they went into production as the company Norris & Co.

They remained Norris & Co. until September 1957 when the first limited liability act was introduced in the UK, they then became the North British Rubber Company. The company made not just footwear but also other rubberised products such as tyres, conveyors, golf balls and hot water bottles and saw a huge growth with the staffing of the factory growing from 4 in 1856 to 600 by 1875.