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The HIstory of Le Chameau

Le Chameau is a brand that has always been associated with supreme handcrafted waterproof boots, going as far back as 1927 when Claude Chamot was inundated with complaints from local farmers and fishermen who were unable to find a comfortable and durable boot. Mr Chamot began the task of creating a series of prototypes for a natural rubber welly, the key innovation to his design was the pioneering use of vulcanisation to create a long lasting durable boot. The reception he received from those who tested his prototype gave him the confidence to pursue a career making highly durable rubber wellies. In 1939 he opened a workshop in Normandy and due to the continued increase in demand, he eventually invested in a new factory in Casablanca, Morocco, this move inspired a change of name to the brand that bears his legacy (Le Chameau), which in French means ‘The Camel’.