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The story of the timberland 6-inch boot starts in 1973, when the Schwartz family introduced a new manufacturing technique referred to as injection moulding, whereby a truly waterproof leather boot could be produced by gluing the sole to the upper without the use of stitching. Initially developed with the rather modest goal of being a shoe for New Hampshire construction workers, the Timberland 6 inch shoe quickly gained popularity in the United States due to its loud design, comfort and durability. During the 90s the Timberland boots gained international notoriety after being sported by U.S rappers such as Moss Deff and Biggie Smalls. The classic yellow boot continues to be seen on more contemporary artists today from the likes of Jay Z, Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West.

The premium yellow boot is not all Timberland have to offer, in addition they make large range of boots, crafted from premium quality leathers in many different styles for both men and women. If you are looking for a boisterous boot that does not compromise quality over design, then you are sure the find the boots for you below.