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The boat shoe was born in 1935 when American sailor Paul Aling Sperry cut siping into the soles of his shoes to generate better traction on the wet surfaces of his sailing boat. In the late 1970s and early 80s, the boat shoe expanded from its practical use in the U.S navy, to being a casual footwear option for millions of people. This rise popularity is hugely in thanks to the classic boat shoe developed by Timberland in 1979, who introduced the style to a wider market. Now worn with slim trousers, chinos and shorts, the timberland boat shoe is a mainstay of a classic summer look for both men and women.

The timberland boat shoe boasts sensorflexTM technology, a three-layer sole, featuring a firm leather footbed, a softer EVA mid-layer that adapts to any surface, and finally a grooved outsole that provides dynamic flexibility and cushioning.

Timberland boat shoes are, like all timberland shoes, designed with premium quality leather, 99% of all timberland leather is obtained from tanneries that achieve a Gold or Silver rating from the Leather Working Group (LWG), an independent group that establishes a protocol to determine the environmental performance of tanneries, promoting sustainability in the leather tanning industry.

Explore our range of Timberland boat shoes at Mastershoe, including the Classic Timberland Boat Shoe, the lightweight, bouncy Tidelands, or the rugged yet elegant Timberland Heritage.