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Vans Authentic Banner

The minimalistic design is characterised by its slim canvas upper, and thick rubber sole that became a staple for Vans ever since their introduction in 1966, when it was simply known as ‘Vans #44 deck shoe’ but is now aptly dubbed ‘Authentic’. The simplistic design, which is effortlessly cool in black and white has learnt itself to artists over the years, as a result the vans authentic has seen a countless array of colours and patterns.

The first vans that gained popular appeal in the early 70s when skateboarding established itself in the cultural landscape of California, seeing skateboarding take off rapidly, and with it the Vans Authentic. Since then the popularity has spread throughout American counter-culture and is now recognised the world over not just as a skate shoe, but as an icon for urban youth fashion.

The slim silhouette and canvas upper provide a perfect balance of being a lightweight shoe while the thick vulcanised rubber grants the durability that is needed in this essential skate shoe.