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Vans Old Skool Banner

First introduced in 1977 under the cognomen ‘Vans #36’, but now known as Old skool. This is the style your imagination conjures up when someone says ‘Vans’, the low skate trainer with a thick vulcanised rubber sole and of course, the now iconic vans sidestripe. The Old Skool was the very first shoe to feature the symbol that is now inseparable from the Vans brand.

Ever since the 60’s vans have produced extremely thick vulcanised rubber soles. The popularity of the old skool grew rapidly in tandem with skateboarding. Durability was essential to deal with the rigours of America’s new hobby, hence the thick vulcanised rubber sole and the upper made from a combination of suede and canvas, with the leather panels being incorporated for increased durability.

The incredibly versatile trainer effortlessly fits into a variety of styles and outfits, seamlessly blending into both summer and winter outfits. A trainer that is effortlessly stylish on both men and women.