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Vans Sk8 Hi Banner

Created in 1978 and then known as ‘Style 38’ The Sk8 Hi is a high-top trainer with fashion and practicality in mind. The Sk8 Hi padded ankle collar provides protection just above the ankle a feature that was much requested in the late 70’s skateboard community. While the Skate Hi has the superb grip that you can expect from the Van’s Waffle sole. The Sk8 Hi combines the rough practicality that is essential for a skate shoe, while being effortlessly cool and as such is a staple of urban fashion. The ability to naturally compliment a wide range of winter and summer outfits, be it shorts, jeans or many in-between, speaks of a unique ability vans have to fit in virtually anywhere.

Of all the shoes that Vans have made the Sk8 Hi was Vans’ first ever high-top trainer, and their second ever to display the Vans sidestripe. The Vans style has always been popular with the alternative scene and fits in with rock, hip hop, punk and most obviously- Skate.