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Vibram Five Fingers Banner

Vibram five fingers are an exceptional minimalist shoe, fitted with the renowned Vibram sole. Minimalist shoes aim to remove unnecessary cushioning, allowing the feet to feel the ground. They aim to provide maximal sensory information, to inform the brain and thus the muscles on balance.

Vibram produce a variety of Five fingers designs specialising in a range of activities, the V-Trek for example contains a thicker 4mm rubber outsole providing additional cushioning on the more uneven terrains that can be encountered on the trail. While V-run provides foot cooling over long distances, and V-Aqua as a fast drying 2mm EVA insole and a silicone print in the lining allowing for a more secure fit when water would normally promote slipping, the sole provides protection and grip whether on the wet rocks of a river’s bed, or a swimming pool.

The Vibram five fingers are the leading minimalist shoe and can be found below from Mastershoe.