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Victoria Sustainability Banner

The Victoria shoe family has grown considerably over the years in terms of its popularity and expertise. Similarly, the global fashion industry has also witnessed a dramatic expansion in the last century. However, it has also become one of the major sources of environmental pollution on the planet. Victoria shoes is unique in this regard as it employs traditional ways and has been producing its shoes by hand from the year 1915. The brand has adhered to its traditional notions for decades ensuring negligible interference with mother nature.

Yet, it is time to evaluate every step of the process from design to detailing, production, transportation, and every step till the final product reaches the end-user. It must be ensured that every step is performed to cause an effect on the environment. Thus, the sustainability project of the brand is more of a promise and a commitment for the betterment of operations and the environment. Victoria Shoes has devised the following milestones and promises which will keep its performance in check. Moreover, these milestones will be reviewed and updated one year after another.